We recently became aware of a new solicitation being directed at Oregon business owners we felt you should be aware of. We received a fairly official looking notice from a company called “Workplace Compliance Services” informing us that we needed to file an annual report for our company with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, which they would assist us with for a fee of $185.  The form includes all of the important information about the LLC, including our address, registry number and members’ details.  Here is a link to some samples of what this form looks like.  All of the information found on this notice is public information.

This notice is not from the Oregon Secretary of State’s office nor is it from our office.  This is a third-party business that has nothing to do with the Secretary of State. If you receive a similar notice, we do not recommend you pay the solicitor for this service.

As the owner of an Oregon business you do need to file an Annual Report with the Secretary of State’s office. But, your renewal notice will not be from a third-party vendor.  The Secretary of State’s office will mail you a notice directly regarding your annual renewal and give you information on how to renew your business and pay the annual $100 fee required. If you have named us as your registered agent, we receive that notice on your behalf and contact you about the renewal. You can search the Secretary of State’s website to confirm your registered agent and to find out when your business renews.

If you have paid one of these third-party companies without realizing you did not have to use them, you can file a complaint with the Department of Justice online.